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Mayfair The Settlers of Catan Boardgame

Mayfair The Settlers of Catan is a fascinating award-winning strategy game where players can gather resources and use them to build infrastructures like roads, settlements and cities on their quest to win the game (collecting victory points). The Settlers of Catan is designed for players ages 10 and above and intended to keep three to four players engaged up to 90 minutes.

On the Road to Settlement

You don't need to worry about how to get started, because the games rules and almanac booklset sets out four detailed pages of guidelines to help you getting started, you can also find a starting map that will show you a well-balanced set up for beginners to follow through, advanced players can slo get a directions to randomly lay out the map of the island. Before you can play your first game you need to pop the die-cut components of the game out the game cardboard holders.

You can also find answers to specific questions easily and quickly because the almanac portion of the booklet is designed in an alphabetical order, it also has a useful entries that will remind you what roles pieces like the robber play for instance, or how actions like maritime trade work, you can also will find an instructions on how to set up the boardgame and finish the game.

Exploring and Developing Catan

The island of Catan boardgame consists of 19 beautiful terrain hexes that is surrounded by the blue rippling ocean, for each type of terrain you can produce a different type of resources such as brick, ore, wall, lumber or grain, when starting up the game, each player will have two settlements and two roads, and as the game progresses you can use these resources to build roads accross the corners of these hexes and settlements or cities on the intersections where these hexes meet.

Whenever a player rool the dice, it will cause certain hexes to produce different resources depend on the terrain, you have to collect these resources if you have a settlement on one of them, you can also use various types of resources to start building up new roads and settlements, upgrade villages into cities, also purchase a development cards, the great thing about The Settlers of Catan boardgame is the ability to include lots of interactions between players by able to trade resources with other players. You also will have the ability to steal from other players and purchase variety of development card which I think added an intrique into the game and quite interesting.

So to win the Settlers of Catan boardgame, you need to collect 10 victory points, when you finished on settlement you will get one victory point while each city worth 2 victory points, victory points can also come from holding the "longest road" card and the "largest army" card or the special victory point development cards, I'm sure that you will have a great time playing this fascinating game board.

Best-Selling Game of the Year

The Settlers of Catan Boardgame has been awarded as the best selling game of the year in Germany and the U.S., it's very obvious that The Settlers of Catan Boardgame is here to stay, the boardgame is suitable for players age of 10 and above, you will it very easy to get addicted with this game because of its variable nature of the playing field.

You can also buy several expansion sets that will allow you to explore news aspects of the game and adding more players, let the Settlers of Catan Boardgame shows you the amazing mythical island of Catan and gives you a whole new gaming experience you never found in any other

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